Leadership - How Magic Happens


​Each centre is led by an early childhood qualified supervisor. Magic Garden is committed to employing qualified early childhood teachers. Teachers sought are those with a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) or Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood), with a teacher registration and a current practicing certificate, or a student in early childhood training. Teachers are required to hold a current first aid certificate.

Most important for teachers is that they love children, have a passion for early childhood, have a commitment to ongoing training, have a sense of humour, are creative, who experiment with ideas and activities, who continue training and attending courses, are reflective practitioners, who value working together as a team and treat life positively.

Management is part of the magic

Centre Manager, Sharon Andrews, who holds a Bachelor of Education (ECE), teacher registration and a full practicing certificate, oversees the day-to day running of the centres.  She keeps closely involved with all the centres by visiting, talking, reflecting, planning, evaluating, leading, writing, encouraging, mending equipment, searching for healthy new directions, reviewing and laughing.

Every person who works for Magic Garden is valued and known as an important part of each centre. Our relievers, our cooks, our lawn mowing person, our handy person, our cleaners, our administration people, our directors, are important and keep the centres running to a standard of excellence.

Sharon Andrews