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At Magic Garden we have an in-house chef and kitchen team who use the freshest ingredients daily. We offer vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options. Our four seasonal menu plans have been designed with input from a nutritionist, the Heart foundation, our teaching team, parents and our students. Each seasonal menu follows a two-weekly repeating cycle, to help children familiarize the foods we serve.


All main meals come with a variety of side dishes designed to be finger food, tempting the fussiest eaters.   We use fresh vegetables and fruit in season.  All meals are freshly made daily from scratch.  We serve a minimum of five different fruit and five different vegetables every week, making sure we offer a variety of colours and textures.

Meals are served family-style at the table. Mealtimes are an important ritual for our children, and are another opportunity to teach social skills and manners as we continue the learning journey with your child.

Over 2s edited_71.jpg
Vegan Bowl

Morning and afternoon teas include a variety of healthy snacks, fruit and water.  Snacks are based on whole, less processed foods and include, freshly baked savoury and fruit muffins, and hummus with cucumber sticks. Water is available with all meals and children over two years have access to a water throughout the day.

watermelon cubes.jpg

The Infant and Toddler room offer raw soft fruit and vegetable pieces or mashed e.g. kiwifruit, watermelon, banana and poached or steamed smaller chunks of firmer fruit and vegetables as finger foods e.g. apple, pear, carrot, kumara, pumpkin, potato.

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