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At Magic Garden we believe children search for the significance in life in their explorations and play.  Meaningful, purposeful learning experiences are planned and implemented responding to children’s interests, teacher’s passions and interests, current events and seasonal influences.  Discussions allow explorations of children’s theories and enable these explorations to go to a deeper level.  Teacher observation underpins the development of projects.


Our environment is carefully organized and aesthetically set up to be the ‘third teacher’ for play to have purpose, whether individually or in small groups.

The program is embedded with literacy, numeracy, arts and active movement. We understand that formal teaching begins at school.


Teachers encourage children to reflect and re-visit their thinking.  Carlina Rinaldi, the Head Pedagogista of Reggio Children says:

“We do not hurry to give them (children) the answers, instead we invite them to think about where the answers might be.  The challenge is to listen.  It is not the answers that are important.  It is the process by which you and the child search together”.

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