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Being Prepared for the day

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Your child will need a roomy back pack in which to carry the

following clearly named changes of clothes

3-4 pairs of trousers

3-4 tops

1 jumper and/or jacket

2 pairs of socks

An extra pair of shoes

3-4 pairs of undies

Or 20 nappies for the week

(no pullups please)

(We’ll email when more nappies are needed)

A bag for wet clothes

Order from the office or buy online at

In summer we operate a sun smart policy which recommends your child wear clothing that protects them from sunburn. They will need a named sunhat that can stay at Magic Garden.

You should apply sunscreen as you get your child dressed in the morning. Teachers apply more sunscreen when children get up from their rest in the afternoon. Bring in your own sunscreen if your child has a sensitive skin. Magic Garden provides a SPF50+ sunscreen for general use.

In winter, please keep gumboots as a weather appropriate

option rather than an every/all day option. A spare pair of shoes in the back pack is a good strategy if your child insists on

wearing gumboots to Magic Garden.

We reinforce a ‘shoes and socks on’ policy throughout the winter. We have found this significantly reduces absences and this is supported by researchers who have recently linked cold feet to people having weaker immune response making them more susceptible to infection and illness.


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