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Encouraging Independence

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Growing increasingly independent and learning to make choices from reasonable options is part of everyday living for a two and three year old. Starting with

simple things like: “do you want to hang your bag here or there?”; “are you going to take the ramp or the stairs?”; “are you going to do it or do I need to do it this time?”, eases children in to making decisions in more complex situations such as “is this going to end well?” or “is that kind, friendly or fair?”

Most children, by the time they are two years old, have very sturdy legs with which to walk confidently into Magic Garden. We expect that at home time they will hold your hand when in the car park so no tragedy occurs around moving cars. The doors with high handles are purposely designed for adults to open and close for safety reasons, and we appreciate you being able to communicate this to your children.

We expect children to be aware of what their own belongings look like, and become increasingly responsible for looking after them during the day.


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