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Explaining Magic Garden's Reggio-inspired approach

Magic Garden is inspired by teaching philosophies from Reggio Emillia, RIE and the latest pedagogical (teaching) thinking. Like all New Zealand early childhood centres, we are required to follow the Te Whariki curriculum, but the 'magic' in our centre of amazing comes from how our passionate teachers interpret teaching philosophies and bring them to life for the benefit of our tamariki and their whanau.

ECE Learning Unlimited is a leading website consolidating best practice philosophies for the early childhood sector, so were were pretty chuffed that they described Adrienne Thomson, Pedagogical Leader at Magic Garden as ".. the most inspiring, passionate, knowledgeable teacher I have ever met".

Adrienne has over 35 years of ECE experience, so a half hour podcast is just enough to scratch the surface of her knowledge. If you are a parent or teacher interested in unpacking what the Reggio approach means and how it can be leveraged to create inspiring outcomes for our children please watch the video or listen to the podcast below.

Please watch the video here:

Or listen to the podcast here:


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