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Finding out about your Childs day

Updated: Jun 17

Finding out what your child has been doing at Magic Garden

Daily routines

We use storypark app to communicate each child’s details about morning and afternoon tea, lunch, nappy changes, toileting and sleep times. This is available for you to check any time of the day.

Teachers are available for quick updates about your child’s day.

In depth discussions are offered during teacher interviews or at any time by arrangement.

Making teaching and learning visible

All teachers are responsible for all portfolios. We strive for documentation that shows the teaching and learning (ultimately in groups) of both children and adults.

Stories are crafted from authentic observations, interpretations and explanations, rich with multiple perspectives and robust in content. Links between stories reflects continuity in learning and the development of increasingly complex thinking.

Our Centre program books for inside and outside show teacher reflections on one or two key investigations at a time. These capture the intent of the environment and show children’s thinking and exploration evolving over time and how teachers respond to this emerging curriculum. These pages are emailed home to you each week.

Children’s individual portfolios are treasured items shared often between friends. They are a useful tool to help children settle into the centre when they contain photos of family and familiar places. Initially entries in the portfolio might be slow to come as children are in a ‘getting to know what’s available’ time. We aim for at least one entry per month. As children become more competent with the tools and materials in the centre there will be more documentation about the increasing complexity of their work. Learning stories are also emailed home.


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