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Got a problem or query?

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Magic Garden is a place where relationships matter. We aim to develop reciprocal relationships embracing families & whānau. We value the wealth of knowledge our families bring and share, and we join them in partnership to enable children to grow and reach their full potential. We value the multiple cultures in our community and respect and celebrate children's cultural heritage & identity.

Problems and queries, Magic Garden tries to provide you and your children with the best service that we can. Occasionally we get it wrong. If you feel there is something not right,


We value your concerns because it helps us improve our service. You have no need to feel embarrassed or intimidated.

A point of contact for parent/ caregivers with questions or concerns about the centre is initially your Child’s Key Teacher and or Supervisor of the room your child attends. You can also obtain a copy of our complaint’s procedure from the office.

If not resolved, please contact our Centre Manager either in person or on 09 479 1240

If you have a concern about non-compliance with the Regulations or criteria, copies can be found in the foyer. You can also contact the Ministry of Education website at contact us-Education in New Zealand or can be contacted directly on (09) 632 9400.

Don’t dwell on a problem, let us know, or, even if you just want information give us a ring.

We want the time your child stays with us to be a happy experience.


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